03.11, 6:00 pm
The Wrocław Philharmonic Concert Hall

Giovanni Guidi — piano
Gianluca Petrella — trombone
Gabriele Evangelista — contrabass
Fabrizio Sferra — drums
Enrico Rava — trumpet

120 zł VIP / 80 I / 60 II


Enrico Rava „Tribe”
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Enrico Rava is one of the most exciting trumpeters of the Old continent. Although he was born in Italy, his musical roots are in the works of the greatest trumpeters in the history of American jazz — Miles Davis and Chet Baker. A huge impact on Rava’s music had his long-time residence in New York, where he studied avant-garde with such artists as Cecil Taylor, Roswell Rudd, Rashied Ali, Carla Bley and Lee Konitz. Rava is an artist of the legendary ECM label and it is not surprising that his art can be often defined as the lyrical landscapes of sound, as it is often said about music on ECM albums — “one degree above silence”. However, it has to be noted that the artist draws handfuls of all the music that surrounds him today. He combines the legacy of the great jazz tradition with the energy and vitality of what is new and fresh in contemporary jazz. Rava’s musical inspirations are broad — some of his records refer to classical music, such as “Rava L'Opera Va” and “Rava Plays Carmen”, while others to popular music, such as Michael Jackson: “Rava On The Dance Floor”. The outstanding trumpeter will share the stage with talented Italian musicians of the younger generation: Giovanni Guidi will play the piano, Gianluca Petrella will play the trombone - he is considered to be one of the best jazz trombonists, Fabrizio Sferre will play the drums and Gabriele Evangelista will play the contrabass. During the Jazztopad festival, the quintet will play the music from the “Tribe” album, which has been widely applauded by both the audience and the reviewers and hailed as one of the best in the artist’s oeuvre.

Enrico Rava Quintet – Tribe – 07 Tears For Neda
Enrico Rava Quintet – Tribe – 11 Tribe